Four struggling couples need therapy.
They get each other instead.
Group Therapy without the Therapist.

Then We Got Help!

From Executive Producers Kevin Earley & Julie Ann Emery
and Co-Producer Janice Fields

Four struggling couples need therapy.
They get each other instead.  
Group therapy without the Therapist.

A relationship comedy in the style of Modern Family and The Office,
this web series tackles the issues today’s couples face.  
If you thought your relationship was messed up, wait till you see theirs.

The Couples: 

Gerry and Terry: When Terry's business went under, Gerry went back to work and Terry became Mr. Mom to their 3 out of control kids. But this role swap is not going well.

Dan and Eric: An overweight life-of-the-party accountant, and his good-looking, still in school nutritionist partner at odds over how to live out their lives together.

Thom and Anna: Wall Street traders hit hard by the economy, but their firms missed the government bail-out. Both now unemployed, they have the big screen TV, but no money to pay the cable bill.

Kenny and Jenny: A charming but struggling Country Music songwriter who doesn't know he's struggling; and his young Type A wife who gave up her dreams to pay the bills.

Each week, Emily (an under-employed shoe model) brings her cash-strapped friends together
without a Therapist to talk about their problems and give each other advice---to sometimes hilarious and sometimes heart-breaking results.  (And she’s making a documentary of it all!)  Emily says, “We’re going to prove to people, you don’t have to have money to get help.”

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