Four struggling couples need therapy.
They get each other instead.
Group Therapy without the Therapist.
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"Then we got HELP!" in the News...

Nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy, Julie Ann Emery talks about Then We Got HELP!, the internet and how The Web is the future of everyones viewing entertainment. 

Then we got HELP! was accepted into the ITV Festival this year. A screening was held to a full house on Monday, August 8th. Showing two episodes from Season 2, Writer/Director Julie Ann Emery prepped the audience before and responded to questions after; how it was created, shot and produced. 

WE LOVE SOAPS TV, Damon L. Jacobs and Kevin Mulcahy Jr.  attend the THEN WE GOT HELP! Season Two launch party. Speaking with Executive Producers Julie Ann Emery and Kevin Earley, and actor Blake Hammond (who plays Eric opposite Nicholas Rodriguez's Dan). Link to Page and Video Interview

They also catch up with actors Jessica Rush, Shane Jacobsen, Susan Ferrara and Daryn Strauss, (Creator of web series DOWNSIZED). Link to Page and Video Interview.

Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN


"Cumberland County has

produced many shining stars"

Julie Ann talks of her up coming career and

the Kickstarter campaign for

Then we got HELP!

Julie Ann's Interview with the Chronicle.



Then We Got Help!, in a Webcast Ceremony on February 1, 2010, was announced the WINNER! of the  Best Indie Web Series (Comedy) by We Love Soaps in there 1st Annual Indie Soap Awards.
Developed by We Love Soaps to honor the efforts of creative forces in the world of independent web series production, specifically those who produce continuing serialized drama series. 
This "Indie Soap Award" was given to Then We Got Help! in a special category recognizing the achievements in comedy.

TVGuide CA proudly unveils our third annual awards show nominees representing the best that the soap opera world had to offer. 
Then we got Help! is Nominated for the 2010 Soap Opera Spirit Awards.


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Then We Got Help!
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Unplanned Pregnancies and Suspicions of Cheating on Season Finale of Then We Got Help!
Then We Got Help!, the hilarious web dramedy from Julie Ann Emery and Kevin Earley, wraps its stellar first season today with an episode entitled "Your Cheating Heart". On today's show one of the main characters realizes he or she is being cheated on in the middle of the meeting, another announces an unexpected pregnancy, yet another says they want to start a family and one half of a couple wants to move outside of the country for work. And you thought Dallas used to end with killer cliffhangers!

Please, please hurry back Then We Got Help! I have fallen in love with each and every one of these quirktastic characters. Shout out to Emery (Emily), Earley (Kenny), Jessica Rush (Jenny), Nicholas Rodriguez (Danny), Blake Hammond (Eric), Sean Mahon (Terry), Susan Ferrara (Gerry), Alan Campbell (Thom) and Kirsten Shaw (Anna) who turned out one helluva funny, drama-filled, introspective season!
Daemon's TV: Today's webseries to check out is THEN WE GOT HELP!
Daytime Confidential- Jamey Giddens Jan 23, 2010
Every time I watch an episode of Julie Ann Emery and Kevin Earley's smartly written and deftly acted web dramedy Then We Got Help! I find myself laughing so hard I almost pop my spleen one minute, then literally aching the next, because the situations the couples find themselves comically confronting hit so damned close to home.


In this week's sharp episode, the members of Emily's (Emery) motley crew of couples seeking therapy sans a therapist embark on a role reversal exercise. Mad props toSusan Ferrara (Gerry) and Sean Mahon (Terry) who nail it as their unhappily marrieds switch places to cuss one another out!

One Life to Live breakout Nicholas Rodriguez, who plays health nut Dan in the serial, also kills it as his character pretends to be Dan's hammy hubby Eric, played by Broadway star Blake Hammond. Since Hammond usually steals the show each week, Rodriguez managed to pull that fete by mimicking Hammond spot on. Then We Got Help!, along with Buppies and The Bannen Way are three of the web series we've covered that are definitely ready for primetime players.

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