Four struggling couples need therapy.
They get each other instead.
Group Therapy without the Therapist.

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Unplanned Pregnancies and Suspicions of Cheating on Season Finale of Then We Got Help!
Then We Got Help!, the hilarious web dramedy from Julie Ann Emery and Kevin Earley, wraps its stellar first season today with an episode entitled "Your Cheating Heart". On today's show one of the main characters realizes he or she is being cheated on in the middle of the meeting, another announces an unexpected pregnancy, yet another says they want to start a family and one half of a couple wants to move outside of the country for work. And you thought Dallas used to end with killer cliffhangers!

Please, please hurry back Then We Got Help! I have fallen in love with each and every one of these quirktastic characters. Shout out to Emery (Emily), Earley (Kenny), Jessica Rush (Jenny), Nicholas Rodriguez (Danny), Blake Hammond (Eric), Sean Mahon (Terry), Susan Ferrara (Gerry), Alan Campbell (Thom) and Kirsten Shaw (Anna) who turned out one helluva funny, drama-filled, introspective season!