Four struggling couples need therapy.
They get each other instead.
Group Therapy without the Therapist.
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"Then we got HELP!" in the News...

Nominated Best Indie Web Series (Comedy) by "We love Soaps". 
THEN WE GOT HELP star Nicholas Rodriguez was featured in a recent story in the New York Daily News. The story mentioned the show's Indie Soap Award nomination and Rodriguez talked about his role on the show as well as ONE LIFE TO LIVE. 

Perhaps the most underrated of the web series we cover, Then We Got Help! consistently provides hilariously-real storylines for its four very different couples. On this week's two-parter—by far the funniest of the series to date— neurotic, self help book-obsessed Anna (Kristen Shaw) is group leader. Two words: Poisonous Uterus. See Part II after the jump! -Jamey Giddens
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Rodríguez is playing yet another gay “husband” in the comedy “Then We Got Help,” a weekly Web series he said was about “four dysfunctional couples who can’t afford couples therapy.” The series has been nominated for an Indie Soap Award by the Web site We Love Soaps.
Jan 13, 2010

Video: A new episode of "Then We Got Help!"

Episode 4 of the new web series Then We Got Help! is up and live! I have taken particular interest in the show because it features a gay couple played by One Life to Live's Nicholas Rodriguez and Blake Hammond. But now I'm getting hooked on all of the characters!

Julie Emery's terrific web series Then We Got Help about a group of friends who have organized their own therapy session has a new episode out today.

Episode three is 8-Track Soundtrack and there are some revealing moments for the gay couple in the group Dan (Nicholas Rodriguez) and Eric (Blake Hammond). We learn that Dan still believes Eric is the "Right Man" for him. But what is Dan's reaction when Eric reveals he lives every day waiting for Dan to leave him?

To catch up on the first two episodes, go to the show's homepage.
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In addition to his role of Nick Chavez on One Life To live, Nick Rodriquez has a new web series. The Series, "Then We Got Help" debuts December 11th.
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Broadway and TV Thesps Make the Leap to the Extra Small Screen In 'Then We Got Help' Web Series, Launches 12/11
Greg in Hollywood says:
“One Life to Live” star Nicholas Rodriguez also on new web series “Then We Got Help!” launching Friday!
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Press Release
Film, TV, and Broadway Actors Make the Leap to the Extra Small Screen
Art & Entertainment: Web sites / Internet December 7, 2009
Then We Got Help! This new Web Series, launching Friday December 11th, mixes some of Broadwayʼs brightest talents with TV and Film vets.

Four struggling couples need therapy.
They get each other instead.
Group Therapy without the Therapist.
A relationship comedy in the style of "Modern Family" and "The Office" 

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Julie Ann Emery (Hitch),
Nicholas Rodriguez ("One Life to Live")
Kristen Shaw (The Contender)
Sean Mahon (B'way-39 STEPS)
Kevin Earley (B'way-A TALE OF TWO CITIES)
Alan Campbell (B'way-SUNSET BLVD)
Blake Hammond (B'way-BILLY ELLIOTT)
Jessica Rush (B'way-GYPSY)
Susan Ferrara (The Onion-Online)
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